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Anonymous brings down TRAI website, after 1 millon email IDs made Public

TRAI has offered over 10,50,000 email IDs of users all across India to Spammers and advertisers on a platter.  The very successful Save the Internet campaign which was created to gather support Net Neutrality campaign may have attracted tremendous response from Indian users, however, people who sent emails based on this campaign will now have to suffer at the hands of spammers, marketers and advertisers for a very long time to come. Screenshot of email ids published by TRAI For spammers,  advertiser or marketers – these email addresses (along with names) are a huge goldmine. These are active email addresses and demographic of these users is well known. People who know Net Neutrality and were part of Save The Internet campaign were mostly professionals and even entrepreneurs and CXO’s. Getting their email IDs and that too in range of over one million is huge. The spammers have to just skim through the html files and pdf files that have been uploaded to TRAI website and create a list and

Major earthquake struck Kolkata

A major earthquake struck the North and Northeast India on Saturday at 11.45 am (IST).  As per the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the epicenter of the quake was 8 km away from Lamjung in Nepal. The magnitude of the quake in Nepal was recorded at 7.96 on the Richter scale. People were seen rushing out of their homes and offices.   Earthquake felt near South City Mall In India, tremors were felt in Delhi-NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar and Sikkim.  The earthquake shook whole of West Bengal. Districts including Kolkata, Cooch Behar, Jalpaiguri, Nadia, Murshidabad and  24-Parganas felt the tremor for more than two minutes. A minor aftershock was also felt at 12.19 pm. Kolkata and Delhi Metro services are temporarily interrupted.

Net neutrality: Airtel CEO sends letter to Employee and Customers

In the eye of the storm over net neutrality, Bharti Airtel said it will always provide same treatment to every website and application irrespective of whether they are on its toll free platform or not. Launched last week, Airtel Zero is an open-marketing platform that allows customers to access certain mobile apps for free with charges being borne by the app makers. The company has drawn flak on social media for violating the concept of net neutrality. "Over the last few days you may have seen a lot of conversation on Airtel Zero. It has been painted as a move that violates net neutrality and we have been very concerned at the incorrect information that has been carried by some quarters in the media as well as in social media," Bharti Airtel MD and CEO (India and South Asia) Gopal Vittal said in a letter to its employees. "I wanted to take this opportunity to clear the air and reiterate that we are completely committed to net neutrality," he added. Vittal said the p

TCP Echo Server - Echo Client Program using C

/* tcpechoServer.c */ #include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/socket.h> #include <netinet/in.h> #include <arpa/inet.h> #include <netdb.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <strings.h> #include <string.h> #define MAX_MSG 100 #define SERVER_ADDR "" #define SERVER_PORT 3786  main ( ) {   int sd, newSd, cliLen, n;   struct sockaddr_in cliAddr, servAddr;   char line[MAX_MSG], line_r[MAX_MSG];   /**********************************/   /* build server address structure */   /**********************************/   bzero((char *)&servAddr, sizeof(servAddr));   servAddr.sin_family = AF_INET;   servAddr.sin_addr.s_addr = inet_addr(SERVER_ADDR);   servAddr.sin_port = htons(SERVER_PORT); /*   bzero((char *)&servAddr, sizeof(servAddr));   servAddr.sin_family = AF_INET;   inet_aton(SERVER_ADDR, &servAddr.sin_addr);   servAddr.sin_port = htons(SERVER_PORT); */   /************************/   /* create strea

Advantages of DBMS over Conventional File System

The principal advantages of DBMS over file processing system: • Flexibility : Because programs and data are independent, programs do not have to be modified when types of unrelated data are added to or deleted from the database, or when physical storage changes. • Fast response to information requests : Because data is integrated into a single database, complex requests can be handled much more rapidly than locating data separately. In many businesses, faster response means better customer service. • Multiple access : Database software allows data to be accessed in a variety of ways (through various key fields), by using several programming languages (both3GL and nonprocedural4GL programs). • Lower user training costs : Users often find it easier to learn such systems and training costs may be reduced. Also, the total time taken to process requests may be less, which would increase user productivity. • Less storage : Theoretically, all occurrences of data items need be stored only on

Net Neutrality

What is net neutrality? If net neutrality was to be defined in a single line it would go like this: “The premise of net neutrality is that all data on the Internet should be treated equally.” Expanding on the above, a more comprehensive definition would be: “Net neutrality means that Internet service providers (like Airtel, Reliance etc. who are responsible for our broadband and mobile Internet connections) shouldn’t be allowed to give preferential treatment to select websites, online services or apps. These ISPs should also not be allowed to discriminate against any websites, online services or apps.” Net neutrality means Internet that allows everyone to communicate freely. It means a service provider should allow access to all content and applications regardless of the source and no websites or pages should be blocked, as long as they aren’t illegal. All websites can co-exist without hampering others. All websites are accessible at the same speed and no particular website of applicat


Connect Internet on a PC using Cellphone as Modem

Connect your tablet (or laptop) to your smartphone and get internet access on the move. You can make your own Hotspot on your Android Device. Tethering your Android smartphone with your computer enables the device to share its cellular data connection, so your computer can access the Internet even when a wireless connection is unavailable. Android 4.x offers three ways to create this connection. Connecting your computer to your Android phone using a USB cable directly shares the Internet. Bluetooth-enabled computers can also pair with the phone to share data. The Android device also offers a portable hotspot feature that creates a Wi-Fi hotspot to which up to eight computers can connect. USB Connection Step 1 Connect the USB cable's smaller end to your Android phone and the other end to your computer. Step 2 Press the "Home" button and then the "Menu" button. Step 3 Tap "Settings," "More" from the Wireless & Networks section and then &quo