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Anonymous brings down TRAI website, after 1 millon email IDs made Public

TRAI has offered over 10,50,000 email IDs of users all across India to Spammers and advertisers on a platter.  The very successful Save the Internet campaign which was created to gather support Net Neutrality campaign may have attracted tremendous response from Indian users, however, people who sent emails based on this campaign will now have to suffer at the hands of spammers, marketers and advertisers for a very long time to come. Screenshot of email ids published by TRAI For spammers,  advertiser or marketers – these email addresses (along with names) are a huge goldmine. These are active email addresses and demographic of these users is well known. People who know Net Neutrality and were part of Save The Internet campaign were mostly professionals and even entrepreneurs and CXO’s. Getting their email IDs and that too in range of over one million is huge. The spammers have to just skim through the html files and pdf files that have been uploaded to TRAI website and create a list and

Major earthquake struck Kolkata

A major earthquake struck the North and Northeast India on Saturday at 11.45 am (IST).  As per the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the epicenter of the quake was 8 km away from Lamjung in Nepal. The magnitude of the quake in Nepal was recorded at 7.96 on the Richter scale. People were seen rushing out of their homes and offices.   Earthquake felt near South City Mall In India, tremors were felt in Delhi-NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar and Sikkim.  The earthquake shook whole of West Bengal. Districts including Kolkata, Cooch Behar, Jalpaiguri, Nadia, Murshidabad and  24-Parganas felt the tremor for more than two minutes. A minor aftershock was also felt at 12.19 pm. Kolkata and Delhi Metro services are temporarily interrupted.

WhatsApp rolls out a new update with voice call functionality

There had been rumors about WhatsApp having a calling feature, well it looks like they've finally implimented it but it might be still in it's beta version, so it's not out for the public yet. After announcing its acquisition of US-based voice-calling firm Zip Phone in early January, India’s very own instant messenger, Hike, had a unique gift for all its Android users on the occasion of 66th Republic Day, 2015. Hike Messenger has now enabled free voice calling in the latest update! iOS and Windows Phone users will get the 'Hike Calls' feature by the end of Q1 2015. Now it's turn for WhatsApp. Instant messaging service WhatsApp has seemingly begun a slow rollout of its anticipated voice-calling feature to its users in India, as reported by GSM Arena . The current rollout, which has not yet been officially announced by WhatsApp, appears to be operating via an invite-only scenario. The feature gets switched on when a user who already has it enabled calls another us

India's first hospital for fishes in Kolkata

The country’s first hospital to treat abnormalities and diseases in fish is set to come up in Kolkata by mid-2015.Various abnormalities and diseases of fish to be treated in this hospital. Senior scientist T J Abraham, who is spearheading the project told PTI that the work has already started on the project. He said that nearly 60-65 kinds of disease and abnormality were found in fishes in India and the one reason why West Bengal slipped from the number one position in fish production was due to the fact that 10-20 per cent of them died of diseases. “Such hospitals are quite common in foreign countries,” Abraham, a senior fish microbiologist with the West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences, said. The institute will not only help fish farmers increase yield by reducing the number of fish deaths, but will also ensure that people will consume healthy fish, he points out. According to Abraham, the hospital will have 50 glass aquariums, 25 circular water tanks, each with a cap