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Solve Quadratic Equation

#include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> void main() { float a,b,c,d,temp,r1,r2; printf("\nEnter the value of a\t:"); scanf("%f",&a); printf("Enter the value of b\t:"); scanf("%f",&b); printf("Enter the value of c\t:"); scanf("%f",&c); d=((b*b)-(4*c*a)); if(d==0) { printf("\nRoots are real and equal\n"); r1=-b/(2*a); printf("\t X1=%f \n \t X2=%f ", r1, r1 ); } else if(d>0) { printf("\nRoots are real and distinct\n"); temp=sqrt(d); r1=(-b+temp)/(2*a); r2=(-b-temp)/(2*a); printf("\n\tX1=%f\n\tX2=%f",r1,r2); } else { printf("\nRoots are Imaginary\n"); d*=-1; temp=sqrt(d); r1=-b/(2*a); r2=temp/(2*a); printf("\n\tX1=(%f + %fi)\n\tX2=(%f - %fi)",r1,r2,r1,r2); } } Output   Print   Download Code Output Enter the value of a :1 Enter the value of b :-11 Enter the value of c :30 Roots are real and d