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MCQ on Oracle

1. What does a COMMIT statement do to a CURSOR a] Open the Cursor b] Fetch the Cursor c] Close the Cursor d] None of the above   2. Which of the following is TRUE 1] Host variables are declared anywhere in the program 2] Host variables are declared in the DECLARE section a] Only 1 is TRUE b] Only 2 is TRUE c] Both 1 & 2are TRUE d] Both are FALSE   3. Which of the following is NOT VALID is PL/SQL a] Bool boolean; b] NUM1, NUM2 number; c] deptname dept.dname%type; d] date1 date := sysdate   4. Declare fvar number := null; svar number := 5 Begin goto << fproc>> if fvar is null then << fproc>> svar := svar + 5 end if; End; What will be the value of svar after the execution ? a] Error b] 10 c] 5 d] None of the above   5. Which of the following is not correct about an Exception ? a] Raised automatically / Explicitly in response to an ORACLE_ERROR b] An exception will be raised when an error occurs in that block c] Process terminates after completion of error seque

WhatApp Official site removes the app with calling feature

WhatsApp leaked the version WhatsApp 2.11.531 on its website . But now they have removed it. This is the version that will have the most awaited calling feature. But according to tech specialists currently WhatsApp might be working on this new feature for all other platforms. Many websites have leaked screenshots from iPhone and Android phones. They might be working for Windows Phone devices and once they are ready they might release the app on all the three major Mobile Platforms. If you are using v2.11.527 you can receive the call but you can't call any number. At least till WhatsApp updates the system internally. I do have the latest APK installed on my tablet device but I think WhatsApp wants not to share the APK before they are ready with all devices. I respect their thought and so do not request me to share the APK.
Multiple Choice Questions on SQL Data Types 1. Out of the below data types which can be used for Date & time type? a)     Date b)     Datetimeoffset c)     Time d)     All 2. What is the ISO synonym for ntext data type? a)     New text b)     Next text c)     National Text d)     None of the above 3. Which data type is used to store binary data up to the limit of 2,147,483,647? a)     Image b)     Text c)     Ntext d)     None of the above 4. Which data type can be used to represent position in a hierarchy? a.     Hierarchy b.     Hierarchyid c.     Nhierarchyid d.     None of the above 5. What is the storage size of smallmoney data type? a)     3 bytes b)     2 bytes c)     4 bytes d)     8 bytes 6.  What is the range of TinyInt data type in SQL Server? a)     0-10 b)     0-255 c)     -2^15 to 2^15-1 d)     None of the above 7. Which data type in SQL server can be used to store time in the table? a)     Timeonly b)     OnlyTime c)     Time d)     DateTime 8. What is the ISO synon

Pen Drive Full of Shortcut [Virus] ? - Clean Them

Shortcut Virus!!! Is Your USB Pendrive, Computer or Hard disk creating unwanted shortcut files which appears again and again even after removing them? The Shortcut Virus or bug may look to many as a small problem and usually they do not take any action to remove it, while others take it seriously and look on the internet to find a shortcut virus removal tool or a way to Remove the shortcut virus from there device.  Before i begin the tutorial on how to remove the shortcut virus, let me first explain what the shortcut virus is capable of doing. What is Shortcut Virus and How it infects your device? Shortcut Virus also known as  Houdini is a worm which have infected several computers/devices around the world. The Shortcut Virus usually spread through USB peripheral devices including pendrives, Memory cards, Mobile phones, Digital Cameras or Hard disks. once you have completed copying a file to your device you may see files on your device with a shortcut arrow in the preview. this is wher

A survey on how people use Internet

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WhatsApp rolls out a new update with voice call functionality

There had been rumors about WhatsApp having a calling feature, well it looks like they've finally implimented it but it might be still in it's beta version, so it's not out for the public yet. After announcing its acquisition of US-based voice-calling firm Zip Phone in early January, India’s very own instant messenger, Hike, had a unique gift for all its Android users on the occasion of 66th Republic Day, 2015. Hike Messenger has now enabled free voice calling in the latest update! iOS and Windows Phone users will get the 'Hike Calls' feature by the end of Q1 2015. Now it's turn for WhatsApp. Instant messaging service WhatsApp has seemingly begun a slow rollout of its anticipated voice-calling feature to its users in India, as reported by GSM Arena . The current rollout, which has not yet been officially announced by WhatsApp, appears to be operating via an invite-only scenario. The feature gets switched on when a user who already has it enabled calls another us