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Gangasagar Mela

Ganga Sagar: Sagar Island is an island in the Ganges delta, lying on the continental shelf of Bay of Bengal about 135 km south of Kolkata. It belongs to the Republic of India and is governed by the State government of West Bengal. The island is large - with an area of 224.3 km², lying between 21°36’ to 21°56’ north latitude and 88°2’ to 88° 11’ east latitude. It has 43 villages and a population of over 160,000. The largest village is also named " Ganga Sagar " or " Gangasagar ". Although Sagar island is a part of Sunderban Administration, it does not have any tiger habitation or mangrove forests or small river tributaries as is characteristic of the overall sunderban delta. Gangasagar is a charming tourist destination, which attracts both pilgrims and adventure lovers. Gangasagar offers the charms of an un-spoilt beach on the estuary of the river Ganges. The place also offers acres of silver sand and clear blue sky, and the calm sea for visitors who would like to s