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Now Send mp3 via WhatsApp for Windows Phone

WhatsApp getting ready for Windows 10

WhatsApp today released an update for the Beta version . Primarily the update looks like a Bug Fix update. But while Tech enthusiasts dig into the deep, the update suggests that WhatsApp is getting ready for Windows 10. Notification panel for WhatsApp v 2.11.688 on Windows 10 Notification panel for WhatsApp v 2.12.20 on Windows 10 There are four visible changes. Firstly one of the major feature WhatsApp for Windows Phone was missing for a long time. Now we can attach Audio mp3 files and send it via WhatsApp. Secondly, while sending text there is a cool animation for the chat bubbles. There is another cool new feature to select multiple chats and delete or archive the. And lastly there is a toggle button to enable or disable read receipt in the Privacy Settings. There is a significant change in the version number. While writing this the Public version is 2.11.688, while the Beta version is 2.12.20. I though this version must have the most awaited calling feature. But there is no trace

Anonymous brings down TRAI website, after 1 millon email IDs made Public

TRAI has offered over 10,50,000 email IDs of users all across India to Spammers and advertisers on a platter.  The very successful Save the Internet campaign which was created to gather support Net Neutrality campaign may have attracted tremendous response from Indian users, however, people who sent emails based on this campaign will now have to suffer at the hands of spammers, marketers and advertisers for a very long time to come. Screenshot of email ids published by TRAI For spammers,  advertiser or marketers – these email addresses (along with names) are a huge goldmine. These are active email addresses and demographic of these users is well known. People who know Net Neutrality and were part of Save The Internet campaign were mostly professionals and even entrepreneurs and CXO’s. Getting their email IDs and that too in range of over one million is huge. The spammers have to just skim through the html files and pdf files that have been uploaded to TRAI website and create a list and

Net neutrality: Airtel CEO sends letter to Employee and Customers

In the eye of the storm over net neutrality, Bharti Airtel said it will always provide same treatment to every website and application irrespective of whether they are on its toll free platform or not. Launched last week, Airtel Zero is an open-marketing platform that allows customers to access certain mobile apps for free with charges being borne by the app makers. The company has drawn flak on social media for violating the concept of net neutrality. "Over the last few days you may have seen a lot of conversation on Airtel Zero. It has been painted as a move that violates net neutrality and we have been very concerned at the incorrect information that has been carried by some quarters in the media as well as in social media," Bharti Airtel MD and CEO (India and South Asia) Gopal Vittal said in a letter to its employees. "I wanted to take this opportunity to clear the air and reiterate that we are completely committed to net neutrality," he added. Vittal said the p

Net Neutrality

What is net neutrality? If net neutrality was to be defined in a single line it would go like this: “The premise of net neutrality is that all data on the Internet should be treated equally.” Expanding on the above, a more comprehensive definition would be: “Net neutrality means that Internet service providers (like Airtel, Reliance etc. who are responsible for our broadband and mobile Internet connections) shouldn’t be allowed to give preferential treatment to select websites, online services or apps. These ISPs should also not be allowed to discriminate against any websites, online services or apps.” Net neutrality means Internet that allows everyone to communicate freely. It means a service provider should allow access to all content and applications regardless of the source and no websites or pages should be blocked, as long as they aren’t illegal. All websites can co-exist without hampering others. All websites are accessible at the same speed and no particular website of applicat

Connect Internet on a PC using Cellphone as Modem

Connect your tablet (or laptop) to your smartphone and get internet access on the move. You can make your own Hotspot on your Android Device. Tethering your Android smartphone with your computer enables the device to share its cellular data connection, so your computer can access the Internet even when a wireless connection is unavailable. Android 4.x offers three ways to create this connection. Connecting your computer to your Android phone using a USB cable directly shares the Internet. Bluetooth-enabled computers can also pair with the phone to share data. The Android device also offers a portable hotspot feature that creates a Wi-Fi hotspot to which up to eight computers can connect. USB Connection Step 1 Connect the USB cable's smaller end to your Android phone and the other end to your computer. Step 2 Press the "Home" button and then the "Menu" button. Step 3 Tap "Settings," "More" from the Wireless & Networks section and then &quo

WhatsApp Calling feature now Available on Android, coming soon for iOS and WP users

If you've been sitting, wishing and waiting for your Android handset to let you make free data-based calls, then today's your lucky day. Android users can finally make voice calls on WhatsApp . The feature was there from the version 2.11.528 but thanks to a quiet but major internal update which made it possible for all users to get the most awaited feature. The feature has been teased for months, with the update hitting select users a month ago. Now, however, it seems it's available to all, with the latest version of WhatsApp offering a new, cleaner layout, with three tabs for Calls, Chats, and Contacts. As you'd expect, you simply click the Calls tab and select a contact to start talking. The company has not yet confirmed about the Update officially. I think WhatsApp will let everyone know about the feature through their official blog . Voice calling for the app should also be coming to iOS and Windows Phone in the near future. It should also be noted that these are

WhatsApp gets a new Update with Calling Feature for Android [v4.0.0]

WhatsApp rolls out WhatsApp calling feature for all Android 4.0.0 and above devices, iOS and Blackberry have to wait a fortnight. Its still not available on Google Play store but WhatsApp calling feature has now been introduced for all Android smartphones running on Android 4.0.0 KitKat and above. To avail this feature, you have to get the latest version from the Whatsapp site. The best way to go about it is to access the site from your mobile ( When you click the download option the Whatsapp site will recognise that you are accessing it from an Android phone and will take you to the download page. When you click on ‘download’, an .apk file will be downloaded (the version you need is 2.11.557 or above). Otherwise you can download it here . Now go to your SETTINGS > MORE > SECURITY > ENABLE UNKNOWN SOURCES There is no need to uninstall or delete your old WhatsApp. Go to the FILE MANAGER > DOWNLOAD > WhatsApp.Apk (the place where your downloads

WhatApp Official site removes the app with calling feature

WhatsApp leaked the version WhatsApp 2.11.531 on its website . But now they have removed it. This is the version that will have the most awaited calling feature. But according to tech specialists currently WhatsApp might be working on this new feature for all other platforms. Many websites have leaked screenshots from iPhone and Android phones. They might be working for Windows Phone devices and once they are ready they might release the app on all the three major Mobile Platforms. If you are using v2.11.527 you can receive the call but you can't call any number. At least till WhatsApp updates the system internally. I do have the latest APK installed on my tablet device but I think WhatsApp wants not to share the APK before they are ready with all devices. I respect their thought and so do not request me to share the APK.

Pen Drive Full of Shortcut [Virus] ? - Clean Them

Shortcut Virus!!! Is Your USB Pendrive, Computer or Hard disk creating unwanted shortcut files which appears again and again even after removing them? The Shortcut Virus or bug may look to many as a small problem and usually they do not take any action to remove it, while others take it seriously and look on the internet to find a shortcut virus removal tool or a way to Remove the shortcut virus from there device.  Before i begin the tutorial on how to remove the shortcut virus, let me first explain what the shortcut virus is capable of doing. What is Shortcut Virus and How it infects your device? Shortcut Virus also known as  Houdini is a worm which have infected several computers/devices around the world. The Shortcut Virus usually spread through USB peripheral devices including pendrives, Memory cards, Mobile phones, Digital Cameras or Hard disks. once you have completed copying a file to your device you may see files on your device with a shortcut arrow in the preview. this is wher

A survey on how people use Internet

A survey on how people use Internet Loading...

WhatsApp rolls out a new update with voice call functionality

There had been rumors about WhatsApp having a calling feature, well it looks like they've finally implimented it but it might be still in it's beta version, so it's not out for the public yet. After announcing its acquisition of US-based voice-calling firm Zip Phone in early January, India’s very own instant messenger, Hike, had a unique gift for all its Android users on the occasion of 66th Republic Day, 2015. Hike Messenger has now enabled free voice calling in the latest update! iOS and Windows Phone users will get the 'Hike Calls' feature by the end of Q1 2015. Now it's turn for WhatsApp. Instant messaging service WhatsApp has seemingly begun a slow rollout of its anticipated voice-calling feature to its users in India, as reported by GSM Arena . The current rollout, which has not yet been officially announced by WhatsApp, appears to be operating via an invite-only scenario. The feature gets switched on when a user who already has it enabled calls another us

WhatsApp for Web

Now WhatsApp users have the ability to use the app mirrored on a web browser. The web client is simply an extension of a phone: the web browser mirrors conversations and messages from a mobile device - this means all the messages are still live on the phone.     Supported only on Chrome Browser To connect web browser to the WhatsApp client, simply open in your Google Chrome browser ( Chrome only supports this ) . One will see a QR code. Simply scan the code inside of WhatsApp, and the user is ready to go.  Your phone needs to stay connected to the internet for the web client to work. For thisthe latest version of WhatsApp must be installed on your phone. Unfortunately for now, the feature is not available for iOS users due to Apple platform limitations. With more than 600 million users, WhatsApp is one of the largest chat clients in the world, and the app's growth has fueled rumors concerning the company's next move.  The Messaging Center Notifications

Nokia's first device to the post Microsoft era

Nokia isn't exactly known for its tablets, but having sold its phone-making division to Microsoft it's hoping to catch your eye with its latest compellingly priced Android offering. The Nokia N1 starts at $250 and is set to go on sale in China before the Chinese New Year -- that's February 19, 2015. Information on other international pricing and release dates have yet to be announced, but the US dollar price converts to around £160 or AU$290. The N1 looks trendy and slim. It's 6.9mm thick and an aluminum frame that comes in dark gray or silver. Its 7.9-inch IPS LCD screen boasts a 4:3 aspect ratio with a 2,048x1,536-pixel resolution. Inside you'll find a 64-bit 2.3GHz Intel Atom Z3580 CPU and PowerVR G6430 GPU with 2GB RAM. In a somewhat unusual move, the Nokia N1 houses a whopping 32GB of internal storage. Initially this sounds impressive, until you realise it can't be expanded. Nonetheless, some manufactures have the gall to leave you with a lot less and no mi

WhatsApp add new features to Group Chat : Multiple Admins

The new Group Chat feature in WhatsApp lets you chat with up to 100 people at once. Previously it was only 50. It is a great way stay in touch with your family, friends and colleagues. Specially for people with larger number of peers, like students in a class or in a big office, it is now easy to add all the people as members of the group. In addition to the change in number of people you can add to a group, there are a few more changes : Every group has one or more admins. Only admins can add or remove participants. Previously you had only one admin for a group.  Now you can see the Received and Read receipt for all the members of the group, even if they have set privacy option. Other things you must know about Group Chats are: There is no limit to the number of groups you can create. Only admins can make other participants admins. If the last admin leaves the group, a new admin will be randomly assigned. You can always control your own participation in a Group Chat, by staying in or