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Your ATM Usage Pattern Need Not Hurt Your Pocket

If you are the kind of person who has the habit of hopping across to your nearest ATM to withdraw small amounts of cash, because you cannot really rely on the use of plastic money, or are still not compatible with the idea of internet banking, there is a piece of bad news for you! You may soon receive a communication from your bank saying that it will charge you anything between Rs 5-20 on your ATM transactions. This is applicable if you exceed the limit of five ATM transactions in a month in your home bank. Also, if you are using the debit card in the ATM machine of a bank other than your own, the free transactions will be limited to three. If you are a compulsive ATM hopper, banking with the largest commercial bank of the country the State Bank of India, you may already be fretting and  perhaps even complaining about the fact that free ATM transactions have been restricted to five in a month and you are expected to cough up anything between Rs 5-20 for your ATM transactions, the  mom