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Automating your deployments using Ansible

  Since the world is moving into the DevOps model, and the industry started focusing on automation, I thought of sharing something related to automation for deployment. Server-side deployment can be automated using several tools. One of which is Ansible. Ansible is a management tool that helps to maintain the cluster of machines. There are several configuration-management tools out there why we should go with Ansible. For that there are below reasons Idempotent- Ansible’s whole architecture is structured around the concept of idempotency. The core idea here is that you only do things if they are needed and that things are repeatable without side effects. Agentless - There is no software that needs to be installed on the client system. We can use ansible as long we can ssh Modules - we create the new module in the ansible and add it to the ansible Tiny Learning Curve- Ansible is quite easy to learn. It doesn’t require any extra knowledge. With basic Linux knowledge this can be learnt. A