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Nokia's first device to the post Microsoft era

Nokia isn't exactly known for its tablets, but having sold its phone-making division to Microsoft it's hoping to catch your eye with its latest compellingly priced Android offering. The Nokia N1 starts at $250 and is set to go on sale in China before the Chinese New Year -- that's February 19, 2015. Information on other international pricing and release dates have yet to be announced, but the US dollar price converts to around £160 or AU$290. The N1 looks trendy and slim. It's 6.9mm thick and an aluminum frame that comes in dark gray or silver. Its 7.9-inch IPS LCD screen boasts a 4:3 aspect ratio with a 2,048x1,536-pixel resolution. Inside you'll find a 64-bit 2.3GHz Intel Atom Z3580 CPU and PowerVR G6430 GPU with 2GB RAM. In a somewhat unusual move, the Nokia N1 houses a whopping 32GB of internal storage. Initially this sounds impressive, until you realise it can't be expanded. Nonetheless, some manufactures have the gall to leave you with a lot less and no mi

Nokia - Is it an End or Beginning of a New Era?

19 years ago, former West Bengal chief minister Shri. Jyoti Basu at Writers' Building was the first to say ' Hello ', on a Mobile device. And at the other end former Union Communication Minister Mr. Sukh Ram. India's mobile journey started with the Nokia 2110 . In 1995, Nokia introduced it's first mobile existence in India. It was the start. Then .... Unwittingly Nokia became happiness, sorrow, joy and love for the Indians. This led the Nokia phones to be a part of the family. For everyone, Eight to eighty, from a small village to a big city Mobile meant - "Nokia". In 1998 Nokia was the first to make ringtone "Sarrey jahan se Achaa " We got the first taste of Indian tune as a ringtone in our mobile phones. Then in  2000 our national language Hindi was added to mobile devices. Nokia's 3210 handset is the first to use Hindi menu . In 2002 Nokia brings 7650 , the first camera phone. In 2003, Nokia made a huge success in the world market with No