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25 Mind Blowing Facts About Kolkata Even Bengalis Hardly Know

Whenever we claim of knowing a place perfectly, we basically rejoice in knowing only the locally known facts. None of us actually do a deep research and delve into the not-so-known aspects of the place. Well, let’s do that now, and what’s a better place than Kolkata to start with: the perfect amalgam of old world charm and modernity. 25. Calcutta might not have been the city of princes, but the Calcutta Polo Club is the oldest one in the world! 24. To the British rulers, Kolkata, the then Calcutta, was the most important city in India (it was India’s capital too), and the second most important city of the whole British Empire, after London. 23. You often refer to the city as the “city of joy”, but did you know its other names—“city of palaces”, “city of processions” and the “cultural capital of India”? 22. In terms of the unique trains it daily handles, the Howrah Station is the busiest in India. 21. Did you know, till 2006, Kolkata hadn’t had any “Kolkata” station? For mails and exp