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Print the Truth Table

#include<stdio.h> int OR(int,int); int AND(int,int); int XOR(int,int); int NOT(int); void main() { int a,b,ch,o; printf("\n-:MENU:-\n1.AND\n2.OR\n3.NOT\n4.XOR\n0.Exit\n"); do{ printf("\nEnter Choice:"); scanf("%d",&ch); switch(ch) { case 1: printf ("\nTruth Table for AND\nA B \tO"); for(a=0;a<=1;a++) { for(b=0;b<=1;b++) { o=AND(a,b); printf("\n%d %d \t%d",a,b,o); } } break; case 2: printf ("\nTruth Table for OR\nA B \tO"); for(a=0;a<=1;a++) { for(b=0;b<=1;b++) { o=OR(a,b); printf("\n%d %d \t%d",a,b,o); } } break; case 3: printf ("\nTruth Table for NOT\